Tiffany: A Family Field Trip

This was a special day and one of many to come for decided to take my team to a field trip for the family and stalking the beach for college girls looking to do something crazy for a drink of extra money. And what ended up with was not what we expected. The problem with shooting porno in our day is that you never know which girl has done something in front of a camera! And I think there are plenty of them! I can only imagine the number of girls who will be searching for images of their grandmothers back in the day taking cocks in all directions and that's really disturbing shit! But at the same time the return type in :), right? I sent my two Anywaz niggas JT AKA (transsexual lover) and JMAC to go find a girl who would be willing to get paid to hang out with us. However, when you send two bolts that go find a girl who just finding it easier, which in this case turned out to be TIFFANY a bitch who had already won a prize for having the most cocks stuffed in the mouth, same time by a friend in the House! So unfortunately in this EP there will be no history of jokes is not surprising, except for last.

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Beautiful Sadie.
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